R.I.P. Workshop

R.I.P. — Recycling Pervasive Media, Intervening in Planned Obsolescence, and Practicing Technological Sustainability was a 10 day long workshop that tackled the issues of recycling, art making, and sustainability practices. Artists, researchers, practitioners, academics, municipal workers, community leaders, and professionals were invited to explore new ways of working with municipal waste management facilities to reclaim “good garbage”.

As the world’s landfills swarm with millions of tons of discarded electronics, the examination of the critical and creative use of recycled materials becomes ever more important.

Over the course of this three-part, seven-day program, participants discussed ideas, created new work, and presented projects related to sustainable practice. They collaboratively introduced each other to methods of recycling digital materials for creative exploration and produced art projects made from found or rescued waste. R.I.P. provided an exciting opportunity to learn and develop frameworks for communities and individuals working with issues of sustainability and waste reduction.




Darinka Aguirre,
Angelo Vermeulen &
Gordan Savicic 2011


 Inspired by the Savonius wind turbines, the Savonious cart is a mobile platform for discussio on producing electricity when cost or reliability is much more important than efficiency. An abandoned and trashed bicycle-trailer for kids has been repurposed into a platform where three Savonius wind turbines (repurposed trash-bins) are creating enough energy to charge a cellphone while making sounds. 

All parts have been salvaged from Banff’s landfill including for example, video-recorders, computers.  printers, an old amplifier, several junk-electronics and wood.