Make something better

Student Project: Necklace made out of discarded belt.

Dates: March 10 and March 17, 2009
Location: Emily Carr University of Art + Design

This two-session workshop introduced the Design I Class students the concept of repurposing for sustainability while they explored basic composition, use of tools and ready-made materials (cast offs). Through hands-on experience, creativity, and functionality, the students gave a second life to an object in order to extend its lifespan.

The workshop’s content  promoted research, studio practice, problem solving, awareness, and analysis of available materials.


1. Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of designing for sustainability.
2. Demonstrate an awareness of the potential of design work to regenerate rather than reiterate.
3. Identify areas of opportunity in the development of new products.

• First session: lecture/presentation/ in-class demonstration/ brainstorming.
• Second session: students’ presentations/ group critiques and discussion.

1. One discarded object
2. A second material (any)
3. A limited number of cuts/ joints (to be assigned)
4. Digital camera for documentation of work

The students transformed a discarded product into a different and functional object by introducing a second material and by making a limited number of cuts or joints.

Student Project: Hanging lamp made out of Film strips

Student Project: Purse made out of old jeans